More than 11 million properties.

Find the owner without providing any data

We have created a map with more than 11 million properties in Spain from which we are able to obtain a simple note from the Land Registry without having to provide any data.

Click on a property, and receive the simple note in your email inbox.


Frequently Asked Questions

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What will I get?

You will receive in your email inbox a current simple note from the Land Registry where the titleholders and charges of the property will appear if there are any.

How long will it take me to get it?

A maximum of two working days, although we usually manage it in less than one day.

If for some reason you are denied the simple note, do you return the money?

Of course, we return the money in full. So far we have had a 99% success rate, which is quite unlikely.

What forms of payment are there?

We accept payment by credit card, Paypal and wire transfer. Always securely.

What if I need a bill?

You will be able to generate the invoice from your user menu. You will also have a list of all your invoices to download at any time.

What is the difference with other companies that offer a similar service?

Other companies will ask you to provide additional information, registration data or previous owners. We do not ask for anything.

Don't waste time and find the owner now

We have a 95% success rate.

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