About Goolzoom

Goolzoom is a project designed in December 2006 and developed by Jesús Barrio with the aim to facilitate access to the Cadastre from Google Maps. Nowadays, it has grown into a well- developed set of utilities that provides access to all types of public domain data and real estate information, without losing the original spirit of transparency and easy access to data.

Years of planning

Millions of users



We are a group of people who wants to add his own little grain of sand pushing technology to the limit for:

Increase transparency to facilitate the acces to information.

Promote equal opportunities.

Promote the use of technology in decision-making.

Do part of the work that administrations don't do.

What we love

We don't want to bore you by telling why we spend thousands of hours into our work. However, we found these three icons in a library that may sum it up.

Beat one's brain out

To dream up great ideas, to make our contribution to the technological development and, in short, to change for the better our small world.

Programming like nerds

Sir Arthur C. Clarke said, "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic," that's what we like to do.

Create useful tools

Since we live in a world full of technohomeopathic charlatans looking for new buzzwords, we'd rather prefer to just do useful things.