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Catastro PRO

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Catastro PRO

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For all types of work with cadastral data.

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More precision, better visualization

Catastro PRO intelligently adjusts map colors to display information more clearly.

More precision

More information

Some data provided by Catastro PRO that you will not find in the traditional cadastre:

Constructed surfaces above and below ground level and covered.

Classification and age of the constructions.

Codes of distribution of common elements of the building.

Breakdown of common elements by constructions.

Registration details of more than 11 million properties.

Cadastral value of more than 20 million properties.

Más datos

Cadastral value and reference value

Breakdown of the calculations of the cadastral value and the reference value of urban real estate.

Data on the value of the building, the land and the property.

Calculations applying coefficients for typology and aging.

Breakdown of the calculations for each construction.

Information of the polygon and of the area of value of the property.

Valor catastral

Download descriptive consultation and customized graphic with your logo

Generate descriptive consultation reports and graphic customized with the colours and logo of your company.

Two examples:

Vertical layout Landscape format

Consulta descriptiva y gráfica

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