From february 2019, the new conditions for access to the different Goolzoom tools will come into effect, which will require the contracting of one of the different user plans.

What is the reason for the change?

We have been giving free access to our tools for more than 12 years, but we can no longer. Google Maps has recently changed the conditions of use of its maps, and now each user who enters Goolzoom we suppose an economic expense that, due to the high volume of free users that we have, is totally unbearable.

Some articles written on the subject:

How much will it cost to access Goolzoom?

We have prepared a structure of plans in such a way that the price adjusts to the use that is made of the different tools. You can consult it in our pricing page.

Will I be able to try the tools for free?

Of course I do. We will give 15 days free trial for you to try the full power of Goolzoom. After this period, if you want to continue making use, you will need to hire one of the plans.

We are several in my organization, how does it affect us?

Each person in the organization must use a user account. The organization will be able to have a parent account that has contracted a plan and link from its user menu to other child accounts so that they can make use of the plan. Price discounts will be applied according to the number of linked accounts. If there are more than five people in the organization who use Goolzoom, then contact us.

Have you studied other alternatives to Google Maps?

Of course. However, many of the functionalities that form part of Goolzoom's identity make use of the different apis of Google Maps. We were born with Google Maps and move to another platform would considerably degrade the power of Goolzoom. Today, Google Maps is still the leading platform with:

  • Better resolution of satellite images.
  • Better bird's-eye view in cities.
  • Better visualization and navigation of the maps.
  • Street View
  • Better predictions in the search of locations.
  • Better geocoding of addresses (coordinate from an address).
  • Greater availability and speed of the cartography.

Now, if you want to have all this in your applications, Google requires you to pay for it, and at a very high cost.

I have more doubts

No problem, we'll be happy to solve them. Write us a message.